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Want to increase employee productivity and build leaders? Looking to develop a people-focused innovative culture? Discover how Potluck Culture can help your business: large or small.

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Leadership development with real returns!

Put development in the palm of your leaders' hands, and you will start hearing...

“Enterprise sales growth of all portfolios and client retention of 88%”
“Since implementing engaging with Potluck Culture Solutions, we increased employee engagement by 50%"
“We finally have a common leadership framework, common experience, common language that bonds us as a group of leaders”

Great leaders are not born; they are made, step-by-step.

Potluck Culture’s High-Performer Leadership Program (HPLP) is designed to identify and develop the leadership skills and competencies necessary to excel in current and future roles. The evolving world of work demands self-aware, culturally curious, digitally fluent, data literate and critically thinking innovators. Through a mix of hands-on learning, presentations, study, and one-on-one coaching, participants spend 3-6 months working on essential leadership skills, depending on the program you select. Whether training your company’s emerging leaders or bolstering your current leadership team, each program is customized around developing the skills that matter most to your organization and formatted specifically for you.

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BETTER culture = BETTER bottom line!

Work culture directly impacts productivity and profitability. Enable your employees to become innovative, empowered, and more engaged in their roles.

Case Study

From Free Falling to High Soaring

With turnover at the new manager level hovering at 52%, and work culture in jeopardy, a company’s founder and CEO realized the need to do something different to engage his leaders and enhance the company’s ability to attract and retain top talent. Through our various programs and resources, Potluck Culture was able to build back this business stronger than ever before.

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